Freq Q & A

What is the $60 per person cover? Food, we have figured 5 meals at $ 6.50 per 32.50 . Compare with McDonald’s Big Mac meal is at least $6.50 and no dessert . The other $27.50 covers supplies and equipment maintenance.  Such as propane, targets, BBs. CO2.  Models. Games. Etc.

What Church/ Denomination are you affiliated with? None, we do not want to exclude anyone that is bias to any certain denominational practice. We do believe that the Bible is the Holy and inspired word of God. The staff attends different Church’s, but has a common goal of reconnecting fathers and sons.

Why do you do it? It is a common understanding that the absent/ disconnected father is detrimental to the family unit as God intended it.

What if there is a medical emergency? All of our staff are trained in basic first aid.  911 is the most common use for severe emergencies. Dad will make the final call and administers any routine medication.   

I have special dietary needs? Please note them on special needs form and we will be in contact with you so that we can accommodate them in the meal planning.

What about nonbelievers? God and Jesus did not exclude them and neither will we.

What is included:  Meals, Sports equipment, Air pistols, BB rifles, Archery,  Equipment, Some fishing gear,  games, and  model kits

Competitions include: Archery, BB Pistol, BB Rifle, Two-man Saw and Basic skills (open to any or all) (Trophies are rewarded for memorials only)

Other activities include: Fishing ***16+ License required***,   Model Building, Disc Golf, Misc. games and sports

What to bring : Tent (Some loaners are available) Sleeping bag or Bedding (1 per person) (Some 40 Degree loaners are available) Clothing,

Personal items, Individual snacks (Smores are not allowed do to safety concerns) Bible, Chair 

What not to bring: Personal weapons including Knifes over 4 inches long. Electronics including cell phones (please leave them in your vehicle)

Excuses / Mitigations
"I can't afford it: " If you commit God will find a way, but you must have faith and be willing to take the first step. Payment plan is available. Contact us
"I'm too old: "We have had 2 men in their 80s who have attended in the past
/ don't camp because the military ruined it for me: " We are not the military; you are not camping with the military. We are not pulling guard duty and digging foxholes.
/ don’t have any sons: " Do you have daughters? What qualities would you want in a son-in-law? Bring a suiter. Do you know a boy or boys that do not have a father figure in his life? Bring him
I don’t get off of work until after 5pm.
Experience starts when you get there we will save dinner for you and your son.